15 Months

July 30, 2015

Our little Cal turned 15 months this week.  I can’t believe how much he has changed just in the past three months.  He is full-on toddler.  Busy, wild, funny and sweet.  I can’t even grasp how blessed I am to be able to watch him grow, change and turn into the little guy that he is.

Over the past few months, Cal grew quite a bit (as we had suspected).  He has definitely thinned out a bit thanks to his constant running through the house.  I can’t believe how quickly he went from his adorable wobbly walk to a full out run EVERYWHERE.  I remember seeing my nephew, Sam, start running everywhere and thinking how funny it was, and now I’m laughing at Cal who has so much to explore and so little time to do it.  All this running makes it difficult to find pants for him!  Seriously, three months ago he was wearing 12-18 months shorts, and now I can barely get 12 month shorts to fit him.  They fall right off his waist.  Gee, I wish I had this problem…would it be weird if I just started running everywhere?! Ha!

Lately, Cal has really been practicing his animal sounds (a favorite in our house!).  We name the animal and he laughs and makes the noise.  So far he does cow, pig, horse, rooster, chicken, sheep and monkey.  His rooster is really the best 🙂  He has really been able to pick up quite a few words too.  Right now it’s all about “sissy”, “Pete” and “daddy”.  Yep, Mom always gets the short end of the stick.  He has probably 10 other words too, but those are the ones I hear him scream all. day. long.  Especially Pete right now.  Yesterday, he found Pete’s invisible fence collar, grabbed it and ran around the house for a solid 30 minutes yelling “PEEEEEEEETEEEEEE”!

Just this week he has started working on some fine motor skills.  He works on putting his coins in this little pig toy we have for hours.  That, and building with his blocks.  He loves pulling all my plastic cutting boards out of my cabinets, “shoot”-ing his basketballs, dancing and giving kisses.  Our little guy may be a wild one, but you can see his tender little heart come through.  He LOVES giving kisses right now.  He walks over to Elena saying “sissy, sissy”, sticks his hands on her chest and gives her kisses.  She always starts laughing.  He does this with Pete all day too.  Pete usually groans and gets up and leaves the room.  He’s pretty generous with his kisses, happily giving them to everyone.  He even gives a drawn out “mwwwwwaaaaahhhh”.

I love watching him grow and change, but I really love seeing his personality emerge.  Cal is always on the go with Elena and me and happily goes along.  He is busy, and into everything but loves to explore and try new things.  He likes running around with the big kids and is pretty social…we’ll definitely need to work on our stranger danger!  He keeps us laughing with his dance moves, his “Cal language” and his giggle.  He loves his sister and brings her toys to play with, often playing ball with her which translates to him throwing the ball at her, making her laugh.

Calvin, watching you grow is our delight. I pray every day that your heart stays soft, your laugh loud and your love for your sister strong.  We love you Calvy!!

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